( LTS-3STU ) Brighten Strobe Controller Light Controller

3STU series controller has internal self-trigger (normal on mode) and external trigger functions. It input trigger signal and light source output delay <2us, and equipped with a set of trigger external device interface, can achieve complete synchronization of light source and camera, improve shooting efficiency and effect. The external trigger frequency can reach 704Hz.

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Product Detail
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Brighten Strobe Controller Light Controller


1.With brightening function, the luminous time is adjustable from 0 to 999us.
2.With normal on function, the luminance is 0-100% adjustable.
3.Easy to operate, manual control or use RS232 to control.
4.High precision output, fast response, short time delay.
5.Short-circuit protection and data storage function.


Item LTS-3STU4860-2 LTS-3STU48200-2/4 Remark
 Number of channels 2 way 2、4 way  
 Input voltage AC 100-240V  
 Input frequency range 50/60Hz  
 Output voltage 48V  
 Working mode Normal on mode ( Internal self-trigger mode / external trigger mode)  
 Luminance control method Manual adjust by button, PC remote adjustion  
 Luminance control mode Brighten  
 Lighting time 0-999us  
 Baud rate 9600pbs  
 Communication RS232 serial port  
 Trigger signal Rising / failling edge trigger  
 Lighting time delay <2us  
 External trigger signal effective frequency <704Hz     Cycle>1.42ms

Control panel specification < LTS-3STU48200-4 >    
Connection step:
Step 1: connected the light and controller (Reference to the picture on the right).
Step 2: external trigger signal connected to external trigger signal input interface of controller, camera synchronous trigger signal connected to camera synchronous trigger signal interface of controller, when need to trigger camera.
Step 3: If need to control the luminance by PC, please connect the PC with controller by RS232 data line in the power off status, then control by our demo program or the program you write yourself. Can set-up the each channel parameter manual when operated by serial port mode. That’s to say, the upper computer and controller all can set-up the parameter.
Step 4: connect power (AC100-240V 1.5A), press the red switch “-”, indicator light up, “o” uplifted, power on.

Mode set-up

Input wire connection method of the external trigger signal

3STU series controller can set-up rising edge trigger / failling edge trigger, LTS-3STU48200-4 have 4 trigger interface, each with + - , input (5-24V) high level between + -, trigger function can be realized.

Remark: TR1 (+1-) trigger CH1, TR12(+2-) trigger CH2, TR3 (+3-) trigger CH3, TR4 (+4-) trigger CH4.

Wire connection method of camera synchronous trigger signal
3STU series controller have 4 sets 12V camera trigger signal, synchronous with the output light, used for camera trigger, can trigger the camera shooting while the light on.

Remark: CAM1 and CH1 output synchronously, CAM2 and CH2 output synchronously, CAM1 and CH1 output synchronously, CAM2 and CH2 output synchronously.

Wire connection method of the external trigger signal                                                                                                                                                                 

Sequence chart

The controller get the external trigger signal, then delay time T1≤2us, the light on. The lighting time is the set-up time on the controller panel, T5 on the sequence chart, T5≤999us. To send a signal to trigger the camera or external device after T2≤2us delay time of the light on. The camera can delay T3≤30us to shoot, the photos on this moment have highest luminance. Light off after camera shoot over and the light lightening time constantly T5, then the one working period was accomplished. The twice trigger time interval is more than 1.42ms.

Coding rule


Product Model Output voltagerange Total output power One way Max.output power Number ofchannels Extenal triggervoltage Remark
strobe controller
LTS-3STU4860-2 48V 60W 30W 2 5-24V rising edge trigger or failling edge trigger Botton operation, pulse width adjustable, communication and digital tube display
LTS-3STU48200-2 48V 200W 100W 2
LTS-3STU48200-4 48V 200W 60W 4
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