( LTS-PS ) Analog Controller High Power Led Strobe

PS analog controller with small size easy to install. PS controllers have high output voltage accuracy and trigger function.
Voltage display function in some models.PS controller is equipped with a set of 12V 500mA output interface, which can be used by other devices.

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Product Detail
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Analog Controller High Power Led Strobe


1.Simple structure, compact volume, DIN guide rail installation.
2.External trigger function.
3.Luminance stepless adjustment.
4.Voltage display function.
5.Normal on/Normal closed mode optional.
6.Have a 12V 500mA output to supply to other device.


Item LTS-PS2424-1/2/4 Remark
 Input voltage AC 100-240V  
 Input frequency range 50/60Hz  
 Number of channels 1、2、4 way  
 Output voltage range 12-24V  
 Luminance control method Knob adjusting  
 Luminance control mode Constant-voltage  
 Luminance control level Stepless adjustment  
 External trigger voltage 0-1.5V  Xternal trigger function
 Addition output voltage 12V/500mA  Power supply to camera,This voltage
 strictly prohibit reverse connected
 Normal on/Normal
 closed mode switch
Build-in  Switch by toggle switch TS

Control panel specification < LTS-PS2424-2 >    
Connection step:
Step 1: connected the light and controller (Reference to the picture on the right).
Step 2: if need the external trigger control, please connect the external trigger signal with the controller trigger interface.
Step 3: connect power (AC100-240V 50/60 Hz), press the red switch “-”, indicator light up, “o” uplifted, power on.
Step 4: Adjust the knob to make the luminance reach the required value.

Trigger port setup < LTS-PS2424-2 >    

This series controller are low level trigger. Total 2 group trigger ports, each has +/- mark. To input low level 0-1.5V to +/- port or +/- connected with short circuit can achieve the trigger function.

Wire connection method of the external trigger signal

Sequence chart

Specification: T1 is trigger delay time, T1≤200us,T3≤200us.

Coding rule


Product Model Output voltagerange Total output power One way Max.output power Number ofchannels Extenal triggervoltage Remark
Small power
analog controller
LTS-PS2424-1 12-24V 24W 24W 1 0-1.5V Have voltage display,
trigger, and power supplyto camera function
LTS-PS2424-2 12-24V 24W 24W 2
LTS-PS2424-4 12-24V 24W 24W 4 Have trigger, and powersupply to camera function
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