( LTS-2LIN ) High Luminance Line Scan Light Machine Vision Strobe

New upgrade second generation line light is the newest product designed by LOTS. Its intensity is 5 times higher than the old one, which is more than 120 million lux. It is of good heat release and cost effectiveness and can be customized in any length within 4 meters. It is the best choice to work with line scan camera.

Product Detail
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High Luminance Line Scan Light Machine Vision Strobe  Fan cooling 

1.Ultrahigh luminance, the luminance of light outlet can reach 1200,000LUX.
2.Column condensing mirror adopted, with good condensation and high luminance.
3.Used for continuous inspection at all kinds of assembly line.
4.Have good parallelism and uniformity.


1.Cloth dimension inspection.
2.Printed character inspection.
3.Glass scratch inspection.
4.Stamp stain, character inspection.
5.Tea-leaf color sorting inspection

Illuminating distance               Distribution of Relative irradiance                                                Lateral characteristic diagram


Imaging instance:gap inspection 

Stability design                                                                                   Installation method

Effect display (optional)

Coding rule








   LTS-2LIN88-R/BGW  /       L88xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  36W
   LTS-2LIN100-R/BGW  /       L100xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  36W
   LTS-2LIN140-R/BGW  /       L140xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  54W
   LTS-2LIN180-R/BGW  /       L180xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  72W
   LTS-2LIN220-R/BGW  /       L220xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V 90W
   LTS-2LIN260-R/BGW  /       L260xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  108W
   LTS-2LIN300-R/BGW  /       L300xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  126W
   LTS-2LIN340-R/BGW  /       L340xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  144W
   LTS-2LIN380-R/BGW  /       L380xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  162W
   LTS-2LIN420-R/BGW  /       L420xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  180W
   LTS-2LIN460-R/BGW  /       L460xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  198W
   LTS-2LIN500-R/BGW  /       L500xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  216W
   LTS-2LIN540-R/BGW  /       L540xW53xH114.7mm) 24V  234W
   LTS-2LIN780-R/BGW  /       L780xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  342W
   LTS-2LIN860-R/BGW  /       L1066xW53xH114.7(mm) 24V  378W
   LTS-2LIN1000-R/BGW  /       L1200xW53xH114.7mm) 48V  432W
   LTS-2LIN1300-R/BGW  /       L2700xW53xH114.7(mm) 48V  540W
   LTS-2LIN1500-R/BGW  /       L2700xW53xH114.7(mm) 48V  648W
   LTS-2LIN1700-R/BGW  /       L2700xW53xH114.7(mm) 48V  720W
   LTS-2LIN1980-R/BGW  /       L2700xW53xH114.7(mm) 48V  792W
   LTS-2LIN2200-R/BGW  /       L2700xW53xH114.7(mm) 48V  864W
   LTS-2LIN3000-R/BGW  /       L2700xW53xH114.7(mm) 48V  1296W
   * UV & IR light can be customized as required.