Corporate Profile

LOTS (Lighting & Tech Specialist Optics) is a professional manufacturer of LED machine vision lighting.

Since 2000, labor costs have increased rapidly in China, which led to the rapid development of the automation industry, including machine vision industry. Due to the limitations of technology and cost, many factories are unable to carry out industrial upgrading.

Technology of precise visual testing services requires not only the excellent software and hardware technology, but also requires precise polishing film. Therefore, for the machine vision service providers, High quality machine vision light source can help them solve many problems of the ordinary light source, but it is difficult to find a suitable light source.

LOTS (Lighting & Tech Specialist) is a leading organization in developing and manufacturing machine vision lights for the advanced lighting industry. We supply a broad range of solutions in light, lenses and cameras.

We have all the necessary software and hardware technology and rich experience to develop and produce high quality machine vision. Furthermore, we hold the domestic sales of well-known industrial cameras and lenses (see the product list), such as the robot manufactures YAMAHA. In addition, we have excellent visual engineers who can write the visual software and select suitable products to meet our customers’needs. Therefore, LOTS has a one-stop service system to answer our customers’request.

LOTS has found a good lighting solution to solve the problems of dead lamp, leak welding and light emitting. LOTS is the first enterprise who effectively avoids the above problems by using Plugin machine, wave soldering, welding machine and reflow soldering to replace manual welding, which shows our core competitive advantage. Our extensive products’ line is designed specifically to work with today’s advanced machine vision and imaging systems. Every vision light produced by us is held to the highest standards. LOTS has regular series and ultra-low temperature series named temp-LOW. Temp-LOW series adopts patented cooling technology which is independently developed by LOTS, which effectively solves the problem of large backlight, ultra bright light, high power point light heating to extend light life. In addition, LOTS established a good relationship with manufacturers like United States’ CREE, Japan's well-known LED NICHIA.

We are proud to be the most reliable and innovative manufacturer in the machine vision field.

LOTS sales a series of world famous machine vision accessories, mainly including:
Industrial lens: Fujinon, Computer, Pentax, VS lens, AZURE lens, lens

Industrial camera: DaHeng industrial camera, The Imaging Source camera, AVT camera, Baumer, JAI, Dalsa, Basler camera