( LTS-2DRC ) Alternate Strobe Controller Light Controller

2DRC controller belongs to special controller. 2DRC controller has fast shooting speed, small delay, good uniformity, suitable for high shooting speed requirements.

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Product Detail
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Alternate Strobe Controller Light Controller


1.Use with line scan light.
2.Four channel light up the light alternately.
3.Each channel lighting time 10us-68us adjustable.
4.Fast shooting speed, theoretical speed can reach 80K.
5.Lighting channel can be optional.
6.Communication by RS232 and PC.
7.Power off saving and short-circuit protection function.


Item LTS-2DRC24200-2S/4S Remark
 Number of channels 2、4 way  
 Input voltage AC 100-240V  
 Input frequency range 50/60Hz  
 Output voltage 24V  
 Working mode Alternate trigger mode  
 Luminance control method Manual adjust by button, PC remote adjustion  
 Luminance control mode Constant voltage Luminance can’t be adjusted, only can adjust lighting time
 Lighting time 10-68us  
 Baud rate 19200bps  
 closed mode switch
RS232 serial port  
 Trigger signal
 closed mode switch
Rising edge trigger  
 Lighting time delay
 closed mode switch

Control panel specification < LTS-2DRC24200-4S >    
Connection step:
Step 1: connected the light and controller (Reference to the picture on the right).
Step 2: external trigger signal connected to external trigger signal input interface of controller, external frame signal connected to external frame signal input interface of controller, camera synchronous trigger signal connected to camera synchronous trigger signal interface of controller.
Step3: Connect the serial port with PC when the serial port needed.
Step 4: connect power (AC100-240V 1.5A), press the red switch “-”, indicator light up, “o” uplifted, power on.

Input wire connection method of the external trigger signal

2DRC series controller is rising edge trigger, external frame signal F input (5-24V) high level and trigger signal T input (5-24V), the light output is available.

Remark: T(+ -) is external trigger signal input interface, input 5-24V high level, the rising edge is available. F(+ -) is external frame signal input interface, input 5-24V high level, the rising edge is available. CAM(+ -) output 5V pulse signal interface, use for camera trigger, synchronous with external input trigger signal and light output signal, time delay <2.5us.

Wire connection method of the external trigger signal

Sequence chart

Coding rule


Product Model Output voltagerange Total output power One way Max.output power Number ofchannels Extenal triggervoltage Remark
strobe controller
LTS-2DRC24200-2S 24V 200W 200W 2 5-24V rising edge trigger Have digital tube display and trigger function
LTS-2DRC24200-4S 24V 200W 200W 4
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