( LTS-2LIND ) Double Angle Oblique Light Vision Led Lighting

By changing the direction of the light, the Double Angle Oblique Light can be used for the detection of scratch defects in the horizontal and vertical directions on the surface of glass, film and metal.

Product Detail
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Double Angle Oblique Light Vision Led Lighting  Fan cooling 

1.Special optical design structure is adopted to realize oblique luminance on both sides.
2.Detect movement direction scratch defect.


1.Surface defects of transparent plastics.
2.PET film scratch detection.
3.Foil embossing detection.
4.Detection of smudges and scratches on glass screen.

Illumination property diagram

                        Realize oblique luminance on both sides  

Light path difference 

Charts of different illumination distances                                                                         Illuminance distribution

Bdistance is the WD parameter that the light can be used.e.g. LTS-2LIND220, luminance distance is 345mm, that mean max. WD of the light is 345mm.

Effect comparison

Imaging instance: Surface scratch detection of mobile phone                                                                                                             

Coding rule








   LTS-2LIND220-R/BGW  /       L220xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V  90W
   LTS-2LIND300-R/BGW  /       L300xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V  126W
   * UV & IR light can be customized as required.