( LTS-4FT ) Back Light Led Lights Products

Adopting lightweight design, the new back light 2FT series completely change the old and heavy image. The installation groove can be used as a heat sink, which not only can lighten the weight, but also increase the brightness and installation flexibility. Besides, the use of imported ultra-thin chip LEDs can effectively improve the brightness and uniformity.

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Product Detail
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Back Light Led Lights Products

1.High cost-effective.
2.Imported ultra-thin surface-mount LED, high brightness, good uniformity . 
3.The shell adopts precision mold and high-precision .
4.CNC machining, with little difference.
5.Flexible size, convenient for customization, wide range of application.


1.Contour dimension measurement.
2.damaged edge inspection.
3.transparency impurity inspection.
4.oral liquid level height inspection.

Illumination property diagram

Uniformity (Relative irradiance)


Imaging instance:silver dimension inspection

Installation method                                                                                    Various models

Coding rule








 LTS-4FT3030-R/BGW  /     L44xW44xH17(mm) 24V 1.1W/1.1W
 LTS-4FT4060-R/BGW  /     L74xW54xH17(mm) 24V 2.2W/2.7W
 LTS-4FT5050-R/BGW  /     L64xW64xH17(mm) 24V 2.2W/3.7W
 LTS-4FT6060-R/BGW  /     L74XW74XH17(mm) 24V 4.8W/4.8W
 LTS-4FT7070-R/BGW  /     L84xW84xH17(mm) 24V 4.8W/5.3W
 LTS-4FT8080-R/BGW  /     L94xW94xH17(mm) 24V 6.4W/8.0W
 LTS-4FT9090-R/BGW  /     L104xW104xH17(mm) 24V 6.4W/8.0W
 LTS-4FT100100-R/BGW  /     L114xW114xH17(mm) 24V 9.6W/11.4W
 LTS-4FT11060-R/BGW  /     L124xW74xH17(mm) 24V 6.4W/7.4W
 LTS-4FT120120-R/BGW  /     L134xW134xH17(mm) 24V 11.1W/14.8W
 LTS-4FT13050-R/BGW  /     L144xW64xH17(mm) 24V 4.752W/6.4W
 LTS-4FT130130-R/BGW  /     L144xW144xH17(mm) 24V 12.7W/15.9W
 LTS-4FT140140-R/BGW  /     L154xW154xH17(mm) 24V 12.7W/16.9W
 LTS-4FT15050-R/BGW  /     L164xW64xH17(mm) 24V 6.4W/8.0W
 LTS-4FT150100-R/BGW  /     L164xW114xH17(mm) 24V 11.7W/14.3W
 LTS-4FT150150-R/BGW  /     L164xW164xH17(mm) 24V 19.1W/23.8W
 LTS-4FT160160-R/BGW  /     L174xW174xH17(mm) 24V 19.0W/23.8W
 LTS-4FT17090-R/BGW  /     L184xW104xH17(mm) 24V 12.7W/15.9W
 LTS-4FT180100-R/BGW  /     L194xW114xH17mm) 24V 12.7W/17.5W
 LTS-4FT180140-R/BGW  /     L194xW154xH17(mm) 24V 21.2W/26.4W
 LTS-4FT180180-R/BGW  /     L194xW194xH17(mm) 24V 21.2W/26.4W
 LTS-4FT200200-R/BGW  /     L214xW214xH17mm 24V 25.4W/34.9W
   * UV & IR light can be customized as required.