( LTS-APC ) Analog Control Box High Power Led Strobe

The mini controller can adjust the intensity by changing the voltage and it has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. As the most commonly used power supply with trigger function, it is suitable for most occasions.

Product Detail
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Analog Control Box High Power Led Strobe


1.Voltage adjustable: 12-24V output voltage adjustable.
2.Manually control: can manually control the luminance.
3.Easy to install: adopt buckle rail installation, easy to use.
4.Short-circuit protection: self-recovery function when short circuit.


Item LTS-APC2424-2F LTS-APC24200-1F Remark
Luminance control Knob adjusting Build-in potentiometer adjusting  
External trigger input voltage 0-1.5V 5-24V  
Number of channels 2 way 1 way  
Input voltage DC 24V  
Luminance control method Manual adjusting  
Luminance control mode Constant voltage  
Normal on/Normal closed mode switch Support Switch by toggle switch TS

System composition example

Wire connection method of the external trigger signal

LTS-APC24-2F,make the TS up (normal on), input high level (5-24V) to NPN, the light off; input low lever (0-1.5V) to PNP, light off.
LTS-APC24-2F  make the TS down (normal closed), input high level (5-24V) to NPN, the light on; input low lever (0-1.5V) to PNP, light on. 

Coding rule


Product Model Output voltagerange Total output power One way Max.output power Number ofchannels Extenal triggervoltage Remark
Analog control box LTS-APC24-2F 12-24V 48W 24W 2 0-1.5V luminance manual adjustable
LTS-APC2430-2F 12-24V 60W 30W 2 0-1.5V
LTS-APC24200-1F 12-24V 200W 200W 1 5-24V