( LTS-SRN ) Arc-shaped Light Vision System Lighting

The half ring light adopts lamp LEDs to get high brightness. The shape is small and light, which is easier to install than the ordinary ring light. It can be used to inspect a variety of arc shaped objects and also can be combined with bar lights as runway lighting.

Product Detail
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Arc-shaped light vision system lighting

1.LED arc-shaped array.
2.Are-shaped angle can be customized, various model.
3.Adapt to various shape required working environment, 
more flexible than common ring light.


1.PCB inspection.
2.Products label inspection.
3.arc-shaped component inspection.

Illumination property diagram
Uniformity (Relative irradiance)


Imaging instance:mobile glass screen contour detection

Coding rule








   LTS-SRN5030-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ50mm,Inner dia. φ20mm,Height 20.5mm 24V   0.7W/1.0W
   LTS-SRN7010-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ70mm,Inner dia. φ40mm,Height 21mm 24V  0.8W/1.2W
   LTS-SRN7045-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ70mm,Inner dia. φ31mm,Height 21mm 24V 1.0W/1.7W
   LTS-SRN7430-R/BGW   /       Outer dia. φ74mm,Inner dia. φ40mm,Height 20mm 24V 1.2W/1.9W
   LTS-SRN9045-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ90mm,Inner dia. φ52mm,Height 20.5mm 24V 2.0W/3.2W
   LTS-SRN9120-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ91mm,Inner dia. φ40mm,Height 33mm 24V 1.2W/2.0W
   LTS-SRN10000-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ100mm,Inner dia. φ60mm,Height 10mm 24V 1.0W/1.4W
   LTS-SRN12000-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ120mm,Inner dia. φ80mm,Height 38mm 24V   2.0W/2.9W
   LTS-SRN12060-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ120mm,Inner dia. φ60mm,Height 25mm 24V   5.8W/8.7W
   LTS-SRN17200-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ172mm,Inner dia. φ130mm,Height 16mm 24V  1.2W/2.0W
   LTS-SRN17315-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ173mm,Inner dia. φ133mm,Height 27mm 24V  2.2W/3.6W
   LTS-SRN18000-R/BGW   /       Outer dia. φ180mm,Inner dia. φ140mm,Height 80mm 24V   5.8W/9.6W
   LTS-SRN24000-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ240mm,Inner dia. φ206mm,Height 13.5mm 24V   2.4W/3.8W
   LTS-SRN28600-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ286mm,Inner dia. φ250mm,Height 16mm 24V  2.0W/2.9W
   LTS-SRN29015-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ290mm,Inner dia. φ250mm,Height 16mm 24V  2.9W/4.4W
   LTS-SRN35000-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ350mm,Inner dia. φ252mm,Height 20mm 24V  1.0W/1.7W
   LTS-SRN35090-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ350mm,Inner dia. φ200mm,Height 24.5mm 24V   23.1W/38.4W
   LTS-SRN50000-R/BGW  /       Outer dia. φ500mm,Inner dia. φ410mm,Height 20mm 24V   1.0W/1.7W
   LTS-SRNH9045-BGW       Outer dia. φ90mm,Inner dia. φ50mm,Height 21mm 24V   8.6W
   * UV & IR light can be customized as required.