( LTS-2COXL/3COHL/4COXL ) Coaxial Line Scan Light Lights

Special cylindrical condenser lens is adopted to gather high brightness LEDs into a high brightness linear light; Optimal uniform light for shiny and reflective surfaces.

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Product Detail
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( LTS-2COXL/3COHL/4COXL ) Coaxial Line Scan Light Lights

1.Special structure and optical lens design adopted.
2.Good uniformity.
3.Good stability and high heat dissipation performance.


1.PCB inspection.
2.Mobile screen inspection.
3.Steel plate inspection.
4.Glass scratch inspection.

Distribution of relative irradiance                                                                                              Distribution of relative luminance                                            

Illumination property diagram 

*Above diagram only for reference.

Stability design

Low production cost, high luminance, keep good quality and flexible. It can switch to line scan light in a short time.

Effect comparison diagram
■Battery surface scratch defect detection
Imaging is tested under the same environment (exposure time, aperture, controller brightness lever, etc.)
The brightness contrast of three different series of coaxial line light shooting products.

Imaging instance:Defects inspection on back surface of mobile phone

Test diagram

Coding rule







   LTS-2COXL100-R/BGW  /       L100xW61xH157(mm) 24V  36W
   LTS-2COXL140-R/BGW  /       L140xW61xH157(mm) 24V  54W
   LTS-2COXL180-R/BGW  /       L180xW61xH157(mm) 24V  72W
   LTS-2COXL220-R/BGW  /       L220xW61xH157(mm) 24V 90W
   LTS-2COXL260-R/BGW  /       L260xW61xH157(mm) 24V  108W
   LTS-2COXL300-R/BGW  /       L300xW61xH157mm) 24V  126W
   LTS-2COXL340-R/BGW  /       L340xW61xH157(mm) 24V  144W
   LTS-2COXL380-R/BGW  /       L380xW61xH157(mm) 24V  162W
   LTS-2COXL420-R/BGW  /       L420xW61xH157(mm) 24V  180W
   LTS-2COXL460-R/BGW  /       L460xW61xH157(mm) 24V  198W
   LTS-2COXL500-R/BGW  /       L500xW61xH157(mm) 24V  216W
   LTS-2COXL700-R/BGW  /       L700xW61xH157(mm) 24V  288W
   LTS-2COXL800-R/BGW  /       L800xW61xH157(mm) 24V  324W
   LTS-2COXL900-R/BGW  /       L900xW61xH157(mm) 48V  432W
   LTS-3COHL100-R/BGW  /       L100xW58xH168.5(mm) 24V  48W
   LTS-3COHL200-R/BGW  /       L200xW58xH168.5(mm) 24V  120W
   LTS-3COHL300-R/BGW  /       L300xW58xH168.5(mm) 24V 168W
   LTS-3COHL400-R/BGW  /       L400xW58xH168.5(mm) 24V  240W
   LTS-3COHL500-R/BGW  /       L500xW58xH168.5(mm) 24V  288W
   LTS-3COHL600-R/BGW  /       L600xW58xH168.5(mm) 24V  336W
   LTS-3COHL700-R/BGW  /       L700xW58xH168.5(mm) 48V  432W
   LTS-3COHL800-R/BGW  /       L800xW58xH168.5(mm) 48V  480W
   LTS-3COHL900-R/BGW  /       L900xW58xH168.5(mm) 48V  576W
   LTS-3COHL1000-R/BGW  /       L1000xW58xH168.5(mm) 48V  642W
   LTS-4COXL100-R/BGW  /       L140xW56xH115(mm) 24V  18W
   LTS-4COXL200-R/BGW  /       L240xW56xH115(mm) 24V  36W
   LTS-4COXL300-R/BGW  /       L340xW56xH115(mm) 24V  54W
   LTS-4COXL400-R/BGW  /       L440xW56xH115(mm) 24V  72W
   LTS-4COXL500-R/BGW  /       L540xW56xH115(mm) 24V  90W
   LTS-4COXL600-R/BGW  /       L640xW56xH115(mm) 24V  108W
   LTS-4COXL700-R/BGW  /       L740xW56xH115(mm) 24V  126W
   LTS-4COXL800-R/BGW  /       L840xW56xH115(mm) 24V  144W
   LTS-4COXL900-R/BGW  /       L940xW56xH115(mm) 24V  162W
   LTS-4COXL1000-R/BGW  /       L1040xW56xH115(mm) 24V  180W
   * UV & IR light can be customized as required.