( LTS-RN ) Ring Light Vision Led Lighting

Ring light is made of high brightness LED array, easy to install, diffuser and multiple angle models can be optional.  

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Product Detail
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Ring Light Vision Led Lighting

1.Various angle optional, angle can be customized.
2.Easy to install, compact design.
3.High-density LED array, high luminance.
4.Diffuser plate optional, adapt to the different applications.


1.The inspection of IC chip appearance and character.
2.PCB inspection.
3.Tag inspection
4.Microscope illumination.

Illumination property diagram                                        Uniformity (Relative irradiance)


Imaging instance: shape inspection 



Coding rule








   LTS-RN5000-R/BGW /    Out dia. φ50,Inner Dia. φ20,Height 9mm 24V 0.8W/1.5W
   LTS-RN6000-R/BGW       Out dia. φ60,Inner Dia. φ30,Height 11mm 24V 1.4W/1.9W
   LTS-RN7400-R/BGW       Out dia. φ74,Inner Dia. φ38,Height 9mm 24V 1.9W/2.3W
   LTS-RN9600-R/BGW        Out dia. φ96,Inner Dia. φ60,Height 9mm 24V 2.3W/2.8W
   LTS-RN12000-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120Inner Dia. φ86,Height 12mm 24V 2.8W/3.7W
   LTS-RN14600-R/BGW       Out dia. φ146,Inner Dia. φ104,Height 12mm 24V 3.7W/4.6W
   LTS-RN15000-R/BGW       Out dia. φ150,Inner Dia. φ106,Height 9mm 24V 3.7W/4.6W
   LTS-RN17200-R/BGW       Out dia. φ172,Inner Dia. φ130,Height 12mm 24V 4.6W/5.5W
   LTS-RN20000-R/BGW       Out dia. φ200,Inner Dia. φ158,Height 12mm 24V 4.6W/5.5W
   LTS-RN22000-R/BGW       Out dia. φ220,Inner Dia. φ182,Height 12mm 24V 5.5W/6.9W
   LTS-RN30000-R/BGW       Out dia. φ300,Inner Dia. φ258,Height 13mm 24V 8.3W/9.6W
15°    LTS-RN12015-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ86,Height 28mm 24V 6.5W/8.7W
   LTS-RN14615-R/BGW       Out dia. φ146,Inner Dia. φ128,Height 25mm 24V 3.9W/4.8W
   LTS-RN17315-R/BGW       Out dia. φ173,Inner Dia. φ155,Height 25mm 24V 4.6W/5.8W
   LTS-RN18015-R/BGW       Out dia. φ180,Inner Dia. φ160,Height 25mm 24V 7.2W/9.4W
30°    LTS-3RN5030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ50,Inner Dia. φ25,Height 25mm 24V 2.8W/3.2W
   LTS-3RN6030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ60,Inner Dia. φ35,Height 25mm 24V 2.8W/3.7W
   LTS-3RN7030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ70,Inner Dia. φ33,Height 20mm 24V 3.2W/4.2W
   LTS-3RN7430-R/BGW       Out dia. φ74,Inner Dia. φ40,Height 20mm 24V 3.2W/3.2W
   LTS-3RN7630-R/BGW       Out dia. φ76,Inner Dia. φ40,Height 32.5mm 24V 1.9W/2.9W
   LTS-3RN9030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ90,Inner Dia. φ51,Height 23mm 24V 4.6W/5.5W
   LTS-3RN10030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ100,Inner Dia. φ66,Height 27mm 24V 6.0W/7.8W
   LTS-3RN11530-R/BGW       Out dia. φ115,Inner Dia. φ80,Height 27mm 24V 5.8W/8.6W
   LTS-3RN12030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ80,Height 23mm 24V 6.0W/7.8W
   LTS-3RN15030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ150,Inner Dia. φ112,Height 28mm 24V 12.4W/15.6W
   LTS-3RN18030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ180,Inner Dia. φ132,Height 29mm 24V 11.9W/15.1W
   LTS-3RN18430-R/BGW       Out dia. φ184,Inner Dia. φ142,Height 30mm 24V 9.4W/15.6W
   LTS-3RN20030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ200,Inner Dia. φ164,Height 28mm 24V 13.7W/17.4W
   LTS-3RN21030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ210,Inner Dia. φ174,Height 28mm 24V 17.4W/21.9W
   LTS-3RN25030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ250,Inner Dia. φ201,Height 30mm 24V 23.3W/28.8W
   LTS-3RN30030-R/BGW       Out dia. φ300,Inner Dia. φ251,Height 30mm 24V 27.4W/34.2W
45°    LTS-3RN5045-R/BGW       Out dia. φ50,Inner Dia. φ20,Height 22mm 24V 2.3W/2.8W
   LTS-3RN7045-R/BGW       Out dia. φ70,Inner Dia. φ38,Height 21mm 24V 3.2W/4.2W
   LTS-3RN9045-R/BGW       Out dia. φ90,Inner Dia. φ56,Height 20.5mm 24V 4.6W/5.5W
   LTS-3RN10045-R/BGW       Out dia. φ100,Inner Dia. φ60,Height 22mm 24V 7.3W/8.7W
   LTS-3RN12045-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ68,Height 30mm 24V 10.5W/11.9W
   LTS-3RN15045-R/BGW       Out dia. φ150,Inner Dia. φ106,Height 25.7mm 24V 11.4W/15.6W
60°    LTS-RN2860-R/BGW       Out dia. φ28,Inner Dia. φ10,Height 15mm 24V 0.4W/0.8W
   LTS-3RN5060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ50,Inner Dia. φ28.5,Height 19.5mm 24V 1.9W/2.3W
   LTS-3RN6060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ60,Inner Dia. φ33.5,Height 19.5mm 24V 1.9W/2.8W
   LTS-3RN6660-R/BGW       Out dia. φ66,Inner Dia. φ35,Height 18mm 24V 2.8W/3.7W
   LTS-3RN6760-R/BGW       Out dia. φ67,Inner Dia. φ36,Height 21mm 24V 2.8W/3.7W
   LTS-3RN7060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ70,Inner Dia. φ30,Height 20mm 24V 2.8W/3.7W
   LTS-3RN7460-R/BGW       Out dia. φ74,Inner Dia. φ35,Height 20mm 24V 3.2W/4.2W
   LTS-3RN9060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ90,Inner Dia. φ40,Height 20mm 24V 4.2W/5.1W
   LTS-3RN10060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ100,Inner Dia. φ50,Height 22mm 24V 6.0W/7.3W
   LTS-3RN12060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ60,Height 25mm 24V 11.0W/13.7W
   LTS-3RN13060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ130,Inner Dia. φ70,Height 27mm 24V 6.2W/9.4W
   LTS-3RN15060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ150,Inner Dia. φ94,Height 24.5mm 24V 11.4W/14.6W
   LTS-3RN18060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ180,Inner Dia. φ126,Height 23mm 24V 11.0W/13.7W
   LTS-3RN20060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ200,Inner Dia. φ156,Height 20mm 24V 14.6W/18.3W
   LTS-3RN21060-R/BGW       Out dia. φ210,Inner Dia. φ162,Height 22mm 24V 13.7W/17.4W
90°    LTS-RN2890-R/BGW       Out dia. φ28,Inner Dia. φ10,Height 18mm 24V 0.4W/0.8W
   LTS-RN3590-R/BGW       Out dia. φ35,Inner Dia. φ14,Height 18mm 24V 0.8W/1.1W
   LTS-RN4090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ40,Inner Dia. φ18,Height 22mm 24V 0.8W/1.1W
   LTS-3RN5090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ55,Inner Dia. φ24,Height 20mm 24V 1.4W/1.9W
   LTS-3RN5590-R/BGW       Out dia. φ55,Inner Dia. φ24,Height 20mm 24V 1.4W/1.9W
   LTS-3RN7090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ70,Inner Dia. φ36,Height 20.5mm 24V 3.2W/4.2W
   LTS-3RN7490-R/BGW       Out dia. φ74,Inner Dia. φ30,Height 20mm 24V 2.6W/4.6W
   LTS-3RN9090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ90,Inner Dia. φ40,Height 20mm 24V 5.1W/6.0W
   LTS-3RN10090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ100,Inner Dia. φ40,Height 20mm 24V 7.3W/8.7W
   LTS-3RN11090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ110,Inner Dia. φ70,Height 20mm 24V 5.1W/6.4W
   LTS-3RN12090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ50,Height 18mm 24V 9.6W/12.4W
   LTS-3RN13590-R/BGW       Out dia. φ135,Inner Dia. φ87,Height 20mm 24V 9.6W/11.0W
   LTS-3RN15090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ150,Inner Dia. φ25,Height 22.5mm 24V 13.7W/16.5W
   LTS-3RN16590-R/BGW       Out dia. φ165,Inner Dia. φ55,Height 22.5mm 24V 19.2W/23.8W
   LTS-3RN18090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ180,Inner Dia. φ80,Height 21mm 24V 19.7W/29.5W
   LTS-3RN20090-R/BGW       Out dia. φ200,Inner Dia. φ70,Height 22.5mm 24V 22.8W/25.6W
Special angle    LTS-RN3275-R/BGW       Out dia. φ32,Inner Dia. φ10,Height 16mm 24V 1.1W/1.1W
   LTS-RN3875-R/BGW       Out dia. φ38,Inner Dia. φ15,Height 16mm 24V 1.1W/1.1W
   LTS-RN4265-R/BGW       Out dia. φ42,Inner Dia. φ18,Height 18mm 24V 1.5W/1.5W
   LTS-RN4572-R/BGW       Out dia. φ45,Inner Dia. φ18,Height 16.7mm 24V 0.7W/1.2W
   LTS-RN5075-R/BGW       Out dia. φ50,Inner Dia. φ28,Height 16mm 24V 1.5W/2.2W
   LTS-RN5570-R/BGW       Out dia. φ55,Inner Dia. φ21,Height 18mm 24V 2.2W/2.9W
   LTS-RN6975-R/BGW       Out dia. φ69,Inner Dia. φ33,Height 18mm 24V 3.3W/4.0W
   LTS-RN7475-R/BGW       Out dia. φ74,Inner Dia. φ35,Height 16mm 24V 4.4W//4.7W
   LTS-RN7485-R/BGW       Out dia. φ74,Inner Dia. φ30,Height 20mm 24V 3.3W/4.4W
   LTS-RN8080-R/BGW       Out dia. φ80,Inner Dia. φ32,Height 19mm 24V 4.0W/5.1W
   LTS-RN9070-R/BGW       Out dia. φ90,Inner Dia. φ44,Height 22mm 24V 6.2W/7.6W
   LTS-RN9075-R/BGW       Out dia. φ90,Inner Dia. φ40,Height φ24mm 24V 4.1W/6.2W
   LTS-RN9610-R/BGW       Out dia. φ96,Inner Dia. φ72,Height 21mm 24V 3.6W/4.4W
   LTS-RN10375-R/BGW       Out dia. φ103,Inner Dia. φ48,Height φ24mm 24V 6.5W/8.3W
   LTS-RN12050-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ80,Height 23mm 24V 8.7W/10.8W
   LTS-RN12050-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ60,Height 33mm 24V 8.7W/10.8W
   LTS-RN12080-R/BGW       Out dia. φ120,Inner Dia. φ65,Height 20mm 24V 9.4W/10.5W
   LTS-RN18075-R/BGW       Out dia. φ180,Inner Dia. φ130,Height 18mm 24V 8.7W/10.8W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.