Welcome to 2019 mobile phone 3C automation exhibition multi-angle line scan light

LOTS will make a wonderful appearance at the Smart Factory 2019 4th international intelligent manufacturing/mobile phone 3C automation exhibition with the latest new products, and we sincerely invite you to visit the booth for guidance at 14th to 16th June, 2019.


During the exhibition, we will show the cutting-edge technology and latest products of machine vision, such as ultra bright line scan light, compact line scan light, natural cooling line scan light, multi-angle line scan light, structured light and other one-up light auxiliary products.


Hot products


Ultra bright line scan light

1.200万LUX;Highest brightness, 2 million LUX.

2.Special cooling design, cooling fan modular design, easy to remove and replace.

Compact line scan light

1.Compact size, width only 30mm, natural cooling.

2.Suitable for small space restrictions, brightness requirements are not high occasions.

Multi-angle line scan light
1.Different Angle reflection, brightness can reach 1.1 million LUX.
2.High uniformity.

3.Compact structure.

Structured light

1.Can replace the laser positioning, to get clear edge, uniformity luminance, exquisite line

2.Can match all 2/3” sensor C port lenses.

1.ADD: Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center
2.Booth: No. 1 hall 1C017
3.Time: 2019/6/14 to 2019/6/16