New product for concave-convex/crease detection

LTS-LFM Shadowless Light, a new product for concave-convex/Crease Detection

Adopts the new special guidance light plate, aims at the smooth surface product concave and convex, the crease and so on the detection design. Surface stripes are deformed under camera imaging to highlight the defects of concave-convex and crease.

1.High light transmittance and good uniformity
2.Light, compact and easy to install
3.The stripe gap can be customized

1.Mobile phone case surface scratch detection
2.Polarizing film crease, concave-convex detection
3.Detection of fine defects on reflective surface of automobile parts

A. Detect the concave-convex of the reflective film
300x200Workpiece picture 1
300x200Workpiece picture 2
300x200Effect picture 1 
300x200Effect picture 2 

Maximum FOV:80*80mm, good uniformity

B. Detect the deformation of the vehicle logo

Workpiece picture
Effective picture
300x200OK Workpiece 
300x200NG Workpiece
C. Mobile phone screen detection

Workpiece picture
300x200 Bump 

D. Detect the deformation of aluminum bottles
300x200Workpiece picture    
300x200Effect picture 
Note: For concave and convex points on smooth surface, the defect location can be easily found by judging the bending of the stripe.