(LOTS)AOI applications light leds

(LOTS)AOI applications light leds

AOI light,adopt RGB three-color high brightness LED array,illuminate objects at different angles and in different colors to highlight the three-dimensional information of the object.The defect features can be extracted from the 3d features of color changes of object height difference. Usually used to PCB inspection, such as missing parts, wrong parts, deflection, missing welding, virtual welding, tin, bridge, polarity error and so on.

Illuminance characteristic diagram:

1.RGB three colors individually controllable
2.Adopt high brightness direct insert LEDs, high brightness and uniformity
3.The two-dimensional information is presented in three dimensions by three colors of light from different angles

1.Specially designed for circuit solder inspection
2.PCB board solder defect inspection
3.Multi-level high-low difference object inspection
4.Circuit components and surface character inspection
5.Multi-color, bar code identification inspection

1.Wafer stitch on PCB
300x200Object picture  
300x200Effect picture
Specification: Using AOI tricolor, the stitching is divided into three layers, highlighting three different colors to present the stitching with different levels. 

2.PCB tin soldering inspection
300x200Object picture  
300x200Effect picture
Specification: Solder defects on PCB board, using different colors of AOI light to emit with different angles can highlight the color characteristics of defects.

3.Soldering inspection
300x200Object picture  
300x200Effect picture

Specification: solder inspection, the use of color sensitivity and RGB three LED bead Angle, highlight the solder part, so that the solder show different colors.

4.Wafer solder and surface character inspection
300x200Object picture  
300x200Effect picture
300x200Object picture 
300x200Effect picture
Specification: the use of solder pin height difference, through AOI three color changes to distinguish a good effect, the same use of color overlay, clearly distinguish the character.

5.Hole edge burr inspection

Specification: the material is black, Mono camera under the ordinary monochrome light is difficult to separate the burr and the bottom,  using AOI light to highlight the height difference of edge and background. It displays different color under color camera, so that the burr clearly presented.

AOI is also widely used in machine vision, size from 60mm to 275mm, in terms of selection, we need to make a professional choice according to the size of our sample and the imaging effect under the camera. LOTS AUTOMATION has professional laboratories and experienced technical teams. Does testing free of charge, and the sample borrowing process is simple. It has made great contribution to the rapid development of machine vision industry.