Industry 4.0 - application of machine vision in steel industry

In order to reduce the labor intensity and improve the production efficiency, we proposed the intelligent machine vision detection scheme of the steel plate flaw detection system.

The steel plate flaw detection system adopts intelligent machine vision automatic recognition, which must solve the following main problems:

Must be able to detect defects on the surface of steel plate, such as scratches, holes, scars, pad pits and other surface anomalies. When the operating speed of the steel belt is no more than 120 meters per minute, the system can work normally.

It can deal with the disturbance caused by the change of the width of the steel plate, the distortion or tilt of the steel plate during the movement, and the oil or water droplets on the surface of the steel plate.

Defect detection has self-learning and self-adapting functions suitable for the requirements of different widths, different colors and different speeds. It must also apply the functions of pattern recognition, automatic exposure, anti-vibration and defect alerting. Defect detection and defect alerting  are dynamic and real-time.

It must have the characteristics of high precision and few failure points. It needs the combination of industrial camera and industrial PC to complete the system task.

Must have the opto-mechatronics design application technology, guarantees the high efficiency of system integration. 

The camera is perpendicular to the copper plate; The LED bar light source is installed directly above the copper plate, and it should reach a certain intensity, so that the light source within the camera's field of vision remains stable and is not affected by the outside world.

When there is a defect on the surface of the copper plate, the light reflection at the defect changes. The camera can capture this effect and transmit the image to the PC. The PC processes the image according to the image processing software, extracts the defective part, and gives the location and alarm signal of the defect in the form of identification. Moreover, the location of defects and alerting signals are given in a friendly human-machine interface, which is real-time.

In order to meet the relatively high accuracy requirements and field conditions, we adopt a system of industrial line scan cameras with high resolution and industrial PC. Cameras are used to obtain images, while PC are used to process image data, identify the location of defects in images and give alerting signals.

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