LOTS Holidays for Spring Festival 2020

In accordance with the spirit of the notice issued by the general office of the state council, with the approval of the LOTS company leaders, we hereby notify the following arrangements for the Spring Festival 2020 holidays:

Spring Festival holiday: there will be a holiday on January 21, 2020 on solstice on January 31, a total of 11 days. We will officially work on February 1 (the eighth day of the first lunar month), including January 19 (Sunday).

During the holiday each department should properly arrange the following work:
1. All departments shall make proper arrangements for hygiene and cleaning, troubleshooting of safety risks, and ensure that Windows, water, electricity and power switches are closed, and the dormitory is fireproof and anti-theft.
2. During holidays, mobile phones should be kept on, and no calls should not be answered without reason;In case of emergency, please timely contact the relevant person in charge of the company.

5. During holidays and festivals, there are many accidents. Employees who return home during holidays should pay attention to the safety of personal life, money and belongings.

The company wishes all staff a happy holiday and all the best!

Hereby notice!Thank you very much!