LOTS participated in the ITE 2023 Japan(YOKOHAMA)

From December 6th to 8th, 2023, LOTS Automation’s trip to participate in the 45th ITEINTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL EXHIBITIONON IMAGE TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT is complete success.

Interaction at the exhibition
LOTS Automation bring the new products at this exhibition: Fiber Optic Light, 3.2 million Lx Ultra Bright Line Scan Light, 2.5D four-zone Ring Shadowless Light application, Flat Dome Light application case inspection, High Precision Coaxial Light application and other cases.


The various products and application cases attracted many customers to visit. We had a pleasant communication with our customers, also provide technical support. Many customers express their gratitude and recognition to us.

ITE 2023 is complete success

This three-day of ITE 2023 is complete success. That is a "visual feast" for the machine vision industry! LOTS will continue to keep up with market demand, focus on the research and development of visual light sources, and serve our customers wholeheartedly.