Stronger than machine vision

A product recently announced by LOTS.

Today I would like to introduce the mini line lighting. (Abbreviation: 3LINR series)
3LINR series has a compact design, only 20mm in width, narrower than bar lighting, illuminance of 180-200,000 LUX, suitable for places with limited space, with mounting nuts. Low price and high performance.


★ Better parallelism.
★ Natural heat dissipation, optimal lighting for dust-free rooms
★ Compact design, can be installed even in narrow spaces.
★ Optimal substitute for fluorescent lamps.
★ Ideal for cost reduction and mass production.

 Application example

★ Stainless steel plate inspection, glass inspection, plate material inspection, metal surface inspection.
★ Ideal for edge inspection, sensor lighting, and image processing lighting.

 Practical for visual inspection

★ Line lighting is placed sideways and emits light from the side to check for foreign matter, scratches, and defects in the product.
★ Green with a specific wavelength that can be seen by the human eye is optimal.
★ Optimal flat product inspection.
★ The light is easy to see and does not dazzle.
★ LCD surface inspection Instead of lighting.