Typical machine vision system

Typical machine vision system

From a structural perspective, below are the standard components of a machine vision system:
1.    A camera or cameras
2.    Lighting to ensure the image is clear
3.    Lens
4.    Frame grabber
5.    A computer and software, for the analysis and processing of images
6.    Pattern matching and other algorithms may be used, depending on the nature of the images being analysed.
7.    Output components: could be a screen for presenting data plus mechanical components such as a robotic arm, for example

For the lighting, LOTS AUTOMATION is specialized in this area. We provide,

1.     Large lab for model selection.
2.     Senior engineers for lighting experiments, can provide technical support.
3.     Variety models for reference, customized model is available.
4.     Short delivery time, standard products take only one week before shipping.
5.     Free demo for testing.
A good machine vision light, and better lighting solution can help you to shorten the cost of whole machine vision system. To highlight the contrast of the characteristics and background by lighting, you may don’t need high requirements for other hard parts of machine vision.